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McDougall United Church
McDougall United Church
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Restoration & Preservation

New Spirituality for the 21st Century

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Phase 2 Campaign:

Our goal is to raise $400,000 with the help of generous partners.

Click here for the 40 Month Partnership Challenge...

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Welcome to McDougall Church

McDougall United Church has been “the light on the hill” for over a century, and continues its proud tradition of:

  • generosity to the community
  • providing affordable performing arts space
  • sacred space for worship and spiritual renewal
  • an historic landmark in the City of Edmonton

A Heritage Building...

Officially designated as an important historical building, McDougall inherently belongs to all the people of Edmonton. It was built and dedicated in 1910. The style is influenced by Renaissance Revival and emphasizes Roman architecture. The square Italianate turret and bell tower are significant elements of this style.

A Spiritual Centre...

McDougall is home to the longest serving Protestant congregation in Alberta. It has a weekly worship service that features its excellent choir. It is involved in supporting the homeless and underprivileged through the Bissell Centre and e4c. McDougall is welcoming and inclusive to all, including new Canadians and those of the LGBTQ community. Its mission is to “Fill hungry hearts with the life of the Spirit through the unconditional love of God”. It stands as a beacon of inspiration and hope in the downtown core.

A Centre for the Arts...

McDougall continues to be much more than a church. It boasts some of the best acoustics in the city. As such, at least 60 concerts a year are held there, including Choir Alberta (Alberta Choral Federation), the Kiwanis Music Festival, and the Alberta Music Festival. McDougall is the home of the Kokopelli Choir. It is also home to the McDougall Concert Association that puts on free noon- time concerts of the best in classical music. In addition, a thriving art group meets there and its work is featured in the Norwood Gallery in the annex.


Restoration and Refurbishment Goals


New Elevator

Our current elevator helps make the building wheelchair accessible, but it is old and most parts are no longer available. It no longer services the third floor. It is also too light for modern motorized wheelchairs. A new elevator is vital to address these concerns and to make services and other events truly accessible for all.

Cost: $100,000




New Expanded Accessible Washrooms

Our current washrooms are decades old, have an inadequate number of stalls, especially for rental crowds, and are not wheelchair or walker accessible.
The plan is to double the size of the washrooms by utilizing the unused Sunday School office across the hall. Upgraded facilities would be modern and fully accessible.
This would be in keeping with McDougall's policy to be truly inclusive.

Cost: $130,000


LED Sign

New Full Color LED Sign

Taking advantage of our location at the top of Bellamy Hill, this sign would be seen by hundreds every day. It would be computer integrated and able to publicize events, quotes, and pictures in minutes. A viable alternative to the cost of expensive newspaper ads, it could pay for itself over the long term by advertising rental events for an extra fee.

Cost: $25,000



Take the 40 Month Partnership Challenge!

We need your help!

While we are grateful for funding from the Province of Alberta and the City of Edmonton, there is still a shortfall to finish important elements of Phase II.

Our goal is to raise $400,000 with the help of generous partners. We are seeking 50 Platinum Partners who would donate $100 per month over the next 40 months.
In addition, 100 Gold Partners who donate $50 per month over the next 40 months.
Everyone is asked to be involved for at least $25 per month.

Benefits of Partnership:

  • You will have the satisfaction of helping to preserve this wonderful heritage building and concert venue
  • You will get free admission or discounts to selected concerts (TBA)
  • Your name will be included on a wall of partners
  • Discounts at participating local businesses (TBA)
  • You will receive a tax receipt
  • Every dollar you donate is eligible to be matched by municipal and provincial grants
  • You will help McDougall fulfill its mission of filling hungry hearts with the life of the Spirit.

If you have questions about the donation and pledge process,
please contact Shauna: Phone (780) 428-1818 | eMail


City of Edmonton Designates McDougall United Church as a Municipal Historic Resource

Building Assessment

Update: A City Council vote on Tuesday, November 17, 2015 officially added McDougall United Church to the city’s Municipal Historic Resources inventory. This move prohibits demolition and secures $500,000 toward the restoration of the building. The Province of Alberta agreed to contribute $750,000 from its Community Facility Enhancement Program after the building was given a provincial historic designation on April 1, 2015. Mayor Don Iveson was quoted as saying, “A very positive development today. We lose some buildings, and it’s very unfortunate. But I’m very pleased McDougall Church was one that, working with the province, we seem to have been able to save.”


For information about the previous work on the church facade, roof and tower, please visit the Restoration & Preservation page.

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