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Welcome to McDougall United Church!

Sunday Services: 10:30 a.m.

If you have been here before, welcome again! If you are new, we are so glad you have
chosen to give us a look! McDougall is an historic church with a contemporary outlook.
It is inclusive of everyone under the umbrella of God’s unconditional love. Our purpose
is to encourage everyone’s spiritual journey and to be a place of spiritual renewal and
growth. Together, we come to worship God and to find comfort,connection, healing and
inspiration. Welcome.

After Church
Community Time

We offer coffee at the back of the church before, during and after the service.


Special Service - Christmas

Visit our Events Calendar for a list of 2024 Christmas Events!

Special Service - Easter

McDougall Church celebrates the season of Easter throughout the five weeks of Lent,
which precede the Easter weekend observances. Visit our events calendar for a list of
2025 Easter Events!

Why and How We Worship

Worship is the central act of our life together and is at the heart of McDougall

Worship is our time to enter into the Sacred Presence: as a community of people
to respond to God, to be aware of one another as unique and special people, and
to become aware of what God is calling and asking us to do in the world – as
individuals and as a congregation.

Worship is something we can do every day as individuals through prayer,
awareness, meditation, and Bible study. In our own way, we can give thanks for
all that is worthy of our gratitude and praise: our joys and our sorrows, our
triumphs and our failures, our strength and our weakness.

Worship is corporate when we gather as a community of people journeying
together. We worship God to find comfort, connection, healing, wisdom and
inspiration, challenge and motivation for the living of our days. We respond in

Worship helps to provide a spiritual oasis for renewal and growth.

Worship includes many forms of expression to engage our faith and to celebrate
life: through music, stories, silence, sermons, prayers of different forms, scripture, sacraments (Holy Communion and Baptism), candles, images, symbols and

We believe that worship is a response to our experience of life that involves celebrating, healing and growing the human spirit.

Worship FAQ

Who Can Come to Church?

Everyone is welcome to attend services. You do not need to be a formal member of McDougall Church or any church or denomination. We have people from many traditions or no tradition attending, and all are welcome. Lots of times, it is the first time some folks have been in a church.

Is There Parking?

Yes, there is parking behind the church and next to MacEwan College. Access is from MacDonald Drive. Parking is free on Sundays during the service.
(Please see Contact for details.)

Is There Elevator Access?

An elevator is available at the south entrance of the church at the ramp door on MacDonald Drive and provides access to all levels of the church.

Do You Have Hearing Assistance?

The church has hearing sets available. Please ask a greeter for those requiring this assistance.

When and How Long is the Service?

Our Sunday morning worship is at 10:30 a.m. all year round. Our regular service time is about one hour in length.

What Is A Sermon?

The sermon is the message the minister gives to link our faith, through scripture from the Bible, to our experience of life in our modern world – to make timeless truths relevant to our daily living.

What is an Offering?

An offering is the money we give in support of the local church, the church in the community and the wider world. We invite worshippers each Sunday to give an offering, only if they are able and wish to do so. Receipts are provided upon request.

What are Prayer Candles?

On the third Sunday of each month, people are invited to come forward to the front of the church to one of the tables with candles and light a candle for themselves or for someone else. It is done prayerfully and silently. Participation is voluntary and only if you are comfortable doing this.

What Is Communion?

 We celebrate Holy Communion on the first Sunday of every month, and occasionally throughout the year on special occasions.

At McDougall Church, all people who are “sincerely hungry and thirsty” for the love of God are welcome at the table. People of all traditions and children are welcome.

Usually, people come forward, are given a piece of bread or rice cake, and then they dip it into the grape juice. The bread symbolizes the body of Christ. The grape juice (wine) symbolizes the blood of Christ.

We will bring Communion to you in the pew if you are unable to come forward. If you have allergies or are celiac, you are welcome to come to the station that offers rice cakes.

Through this simple act and telling of the old, old story of our faith, we touch the mystery of God and the Spirit living within us and moving through us.

Participation is voluntary and as you are comfortable, but all are welcome.

How Does Baptism Happen?

Baptism is a public welcoming into the Christian community, done either with infants or with adults. With an infant it is the celebration of the gift of a new life being brought into the Christian community. With an adult it is an individual’s public declaration of a choice to live in Christ and in a Christian community.

The sacrament involves water, anointing oil, a commitment to the Christian spiritual journey, and the support of the congregation to the parents or the adult.

Baptisms are not scheduled on a regular basis, but rather are planned when a family or an adult is desiring to do so.

How Can I Become a Member?

Christian believers and seekers who worship with us regularly and who share in the life of the congregation are invited to join the membership of this church. By doing so, you agree to participate in the active ministry of this church by supporting what we do as a community of faith.

What Kind of Music is Played?

We have an organ and a grand piano which are used at services. Sometimes we bring in other instruments to enhance the music that morning. We have a formal choir of about 20 voices (more on special occasions) that leads us in music that is both contemporary and traditional.
(Please see Music for further details.)

Where Should I Sit?

You may sit anywhere you like and feel most comfortable. While McDougall does have a large balcony area, we don’t use it for regular services, as there is plenty of room on the main level.

What Do I Wear?

Sometimes people wonder if it is alright to dress casually, wear jeans, etc. Absolutely! Whatever is comfortable for you. The old days are gone of “Sunday best”, but if that’s what you like, or some form of it, we welcome that too.

What’s the Sunday Bulletin?

When you arrive, you will receive what we call a bulletin as well as a weekly news letter. The bulletin is like a program you’d receive if you went to a concert. It will tell you what is going on in the service. We also have the service on power point each Sunday.

Can I Bring My Coffee In?

Yes! Bring your coffee if you like – and enjoy!

Do You Serve Coffee?

Absolutely! Each Sunday, there is coffee at the back of the church before and after the  service and a comfortable sitting area. Folks are invited to stay and visit a bit or go downstairs to the Banquet Hall for further refreshments and community time.

Is Breast/Chestfeeding Welcome?

McDougall United Church became Edmonton’s first official Breastfeeding Friendly church in 2013. In keeping with being an inclusive and welcoming church, parents will not be asked to move or cover while breast/chestfeeding. They are welcome to breast/chestfeed anytime, anywhere at McDougall.

Breastfeeding Friendly Community Partner

Business and public places in Edmonton who have adopted the Edmonton Capital
Region Breastfeeding Friendly Policy for Businesses and Public Places are eligible to
become official Breastfeeding Friendly Community Partners. Community Partners train their staff and volunteers to display a welcoming attitude towards breastfeeding mothers and children, not ask them to cover up or relocate, and to offer appropriate private facilities for women who ask. Training also helps staff handle other patron complaints about breastfeeding. Community Partners display the International Breastfeeding Symbol. This lets Edmonton’s breastfeeding families know the facility is a safe and friendly space.